Music by Joshua Salzman
Book and Lyrics by Ryan Cunningham
Directed by Joe DeMita
Music Directed by Jason Whiting

February 1-3 & 7-9, 2007
The Factory Theater
791 Tremont Street, Boston MA
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Austin Bennet ... Samuel Moscoso
Jeff Bennet ... Scott Towers
Marcy Fitzwilliams ... Shawna O'Brien
Diana Bingley ... Kacee Staiti
NYC Man ... Steven Kosakow
NYC Woman ... AnneMarie Alvarez

The Boston Amateur Premiere of this Modern Musical Love Story!

In this modern-day reworking of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, we meet four 20-somethings in search of love in the "crazy, mixed up world" of New York City. Austin Bennet, a finicky, by-the-book, greeting card writer, has just had his heart broken by his long-term girlfriend and is looking for a way to win her back. Enter Marcy Fitzwilliam: a free-spirited, spontaneous artist, who is on the rebound from her last boyfriend and in search of Mr. help her eventually find Mr. Right. With a little help from fate — well, fate, the internet, and the good intentions of Austin's goofy brother, Jeff, and Marcy's best friend Diana — the mismatched pair is brought together, and develop a mutual attraction...based on how wrong they are for each other. With charm, wit, and a little bit of romance, I Love You Because looks at the rules of dating, relationships, and what it means to really love someone because of who they are.

"Infectiously entertaining! Filled with wit and zest, I Love You Because is terrific, refreshing fun!" as hailed by The New York Times.

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