FOOLS, A Comic Fable by Neil Simon

By Neil Simon
Directed by Joe DeMita

January 30, 31, February 5, 6, 7 @ 8:00 pm
February 1 @ 2:00 pm
The Factory Theatre
791 Tremont Street, Boston MA

$18 adults, $15 students/seniors, $12 F.U.D.G.E. Members

Leon Tolchinsky is ecstatic. He's landed a terrific teaching job in an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives he finds people sweeping dust from the stoops back into their houses and people milking upside down to get more cream. The town has been cursed with Chronic Stupidity for 200 years and Leon's job is to break the curse. No one tells him that if he stays over 24 hours and fails to break the curse, he too becomes Stupid. But, he has fallen in love with a girl so stupid that she has only recently learned how to sit down. Will he break the curse in time? Or will he be doomed to go from living a life of intellect to a life of stupidity?

LEON TOLCHINSKY ... Nate Johnson
SNETSKAYA ... AnneMarie Alvarez
MAGISTRATE ... Steve Turner
SLOVITCH ... Tom Rimer
MISHKIN ... Frank Consolo
YENCHNA ... Andrea Webber
DOCTOR ZUBRITSKY ... Peter Cosmas Sofronas
LENYA ZUBRITSKY ... Dorothy Ahle
SOPHIA ZUBRITSKY ... Jamianne Devlin

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