Music and Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe
Book by Keith Farley & Brian Flemming
Directed by Joe DeMita
Music Directed by Jason Whiting

October 19-21 & 25-27, 2007
The Factory Theater (Formerly the Devanaughn Theater at the Piano Factory)
791 Tremont Street, Boston MA
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“In a cave many miles to the south...
Lived a boy born with fangs in his mouth...”

So begins the darkly comic tale of Bat Boy: the Musical. Ripped from the headlines of the Weekly World News, Bat Boy is the infamous tabloid creature who was born half bat/half boy. He has lived a quiet existence in the deep depths of a cave, until three unruly teenagers – the Taylor kids – discover him during a spelunking adventure. Bat Boy, startled, bites one of the teens, and is subsequently captured and brought to the home of Dr. Parker, the veterinarian for the local town of Hope Falls, West Virginia.

It is here that Bat Boy, with the aid of Dr. Parker’s wife, Meredith, and daughter, Shelley, must learn to acclimate himself to the backwards society of Hope Falls...or, at least, try. What unravels is a hilarious, campy – and strangely moving – tale of love, acceptance, intolerance, secrets, revenge, cows, blood, and, of course...bats.

CAST (in alphabetical order)
AnneMarie Alvarez ... Roy, Mrs. Taylor, Reverend Hightower, Institute Man
Trevor Croft ... Bat Boy
Andrew Darcey ... Dr. Thomas Parker
Brooke Haney ... Ruthie Taylor, Ned
Kyle Hemingway ... Bud, Daisy, Pan
Lindsay Hurley ... Sheriff Reynolds
Emma Putnam ... Shelley Parker
SiouxSanna Ramirez-Cruz ... Meredith Parker
Thomas Rimer ... Rick Taylor, Lorraine, Doctor, Mr. Dillon
Kacee Staiti ... Ron Taylor, Maggie, Clem, Executive Committee



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