Book & Music Damon Intrabartolo
Book & Lyrics Jon Hartmere
Directed by Joe DeMita
Music Directed by Jason Whiting

July 25, 26, 31, Aug 1, 2 @ 8:00 pm
July 27 @ 7:00 pm
Arsenal Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA
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Bare explores the pains and pleasures of five high school seniors at a co-ed Catholic boarding school as they struggle to grow up in these complicated, conflicted, contemporary times. Each of them question where they are in their lives. Answers are sought in the church confessional and in less formal venues including a stage, a rave, and a well-locked dorm room.

For more information about Bare, visit the show's official website.

Jason ... Samuel Moscoso
Peter ... Trevor Croft
Ivy ... Ashley Yarnell
Nadia ... KeriAnn Maguire
Matt ... Andrew Mackin
Diane Lee ... Anne Ohlmsted
Rory ... Kacee Staiti
Tanya ... Kira Cowan
Kyra ... AnneMarie Alvarez
Alan ... Joe Mullin
Zach ... Justin McCoubry
Lucas ... Chris Murray
Claire ... Ursina Amsler
Sister Chantelle ... Lara Simpson
Priest ... Brian Dunham
Student Ensemble ... Samantha Lebicz, Brendan Colcord

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