2008 Award Winners

Best Makeup Design:
Kaitlyn MacPherson - Bat Boy
Best Lighting Design:
Joe DeMita - Bare
Best Costume Design:
Lindsay Hurley - Bare
Best Set Design:
Chris Kingston - Fuddy Meers
Best Supporting Actress:
Kacee Staiti - I Love You Because
Best Supporting Actor:
Chris DiOrio - Fuddy Meers
Best Fight:
Trevor Croft and Company as Bat Boy & the Entire Population of Hope Falls - Bat Boy
Best Dance Number:
Bare, "911 Emergency"
Best Kiss:
Trevor Croft and Samuel Moscoso - Bare
Best Death:
Samuel Moscoso - Bare
Best Vocal Performance Female:
Shawna O'Brien - I Love You Because, "Just Not Now"
Best Vocal Performance Male:
Andrew Mackin/Tevor Croft - Bare, "Are You There?"
Best Musical Number (group):
"Comfort and Joy" - Bat Boy
"But I Do" - I Love You Because
Best Ensemble Performance:
Kira Cowan - Bare
Best Actor:
Andrew Mackin - Bare
Best Actress:
KeriAnn Maguire - Bare
Best Music Direction:
Jason Whiting - Bare
Best Direction:
Joe DeMita - Bare
Best Production:

Kaitlyn MacPherson presented the honor of "F.U.D.G.E. Members for Life" to Kerri Judge, Emily Mae Hayden, and Emily Monroe. For their dedication over the years these members were awarded a lifetime honorary member status, and the "keys" to the F.U.D.G.E. studio.

Tina Cersosimo presented "Best Encore Performance" to Ursina Amsler, for her touching portrayal of Claire in bare, and for her continued grace, kindness, and enthusiasm for our company.

Christopher Smith presented his special award (the "Honey Bear" award) to Todd Page for his ability to sweeten tough situations throughout the production process.

Samantha Lebicz presented Lara Simpson with the "Attitude Is Everything" award for her upbeat, positive presence throughout the production process of bare and her open and welcoming attitude.

AnneMarie Alvarez presented Shawna O'Brien with the "All Purpose" award for her all around time commitment, thoughtfulness, and zeal throughout the season.

Shannon Rosa presented the "Newbie of the Year" award to Tom Rimer for his hard work and commitment to the company throughout the season both on stage and behind the scenes.

Kacee Staiti presented the "Best Friend of F.U.D.G.E." award to Jason Whiting for his dedicated work as resident music director.

Joe DeMita presented the "Excellence in Management" award to Tina Cersosimo for her unwavering devotion to the management of the company both in production and executive functions.


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